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We are always looking for exceptional therapists!

Career Opportunities
Board Certified Behavior Analysts
registered Behavior technicians



  • To our clients. We work diligently, accept feedback and take responsibility for providing the highest quality of care.

  • To our science. We use empirically-based strategies to maintain the utmost efficacy in our client care.

  • To our team. We celebrate accomplishments, work through hardships and support one another to meet goals.To our caregivers. We empower caregivers to be the agents of change by providing high-quality training.

We are balanced...

  • In our practice. We strive to meet not only the developmental and academic needs of our clients but also the socio-emotional needs.

  • In our teaching approach. We understand the success of a data-driven and analytical clinical approach combined with settings including components of classrooms such as centers, group time and play.

  • In our relationship with clients and caregivers. We are a listening ear and will take time to celebrate achievements and provide support to overcome obstacles.

  • In our daily lives. We recognize that to best serve our clients we must prioritize our mental and physical health

We are caring...

  • In how we develop relationships and interact with others. We act with integrity. We act and speak honestly. We respect one another in efforts to build relationships based on trust.

  • In how we respond to challenging situations. We will not act solely in our own self-interest but always consider the interest of others. We act and speak honestly. We assume positive intent even in times of disagreement or conflict. We are transparent in the way we deliver feedback and recommendations.

Our Priorities

  • Clinical Practice​

    • Harmony Behavioral Services will primarily provide in-clinic services. We feel this allows for the following benefits: supervisors more opportunities to closely monitor individual sessions and provide supervision; RBTs can more readily seek advice from their supervising BCBA, other RBTs, or other BCBAs; employees and clients are strengthened by being part of a collaborative team approach; data from each session is evaluated daily by the assigned supervisor who will make program suggestions and adjustments prior to the next session. 

  • Minimized Ratios, Maximum Success

    • We believe that limiting BCBA caseloads not only maximizes the BCBA's ability to stay involved, but also the client's ability to succeed. For the same reason, we aim to keep our client-to-therapist and therapist-to-supervisor ratios low as well in order to allow everyone the opportunity to build rapport with their team. Supervisors will typically supervise every client at least weekly, and will be available at nearly all times for therapists to seek advice and instruction. In order to provide continuity of care, we create teams of BCBAs, RBTs, and clients, so that clients are comfortable seeing familiar faces each day, and therapists are able to continuously build relationships with those clients.  

  • Full Time, Full Salary

    • We emphasize full time, salaried staff, with consistent schedules and session times. Our staff will be provided regularly scheduled "support shifts" where they will not be 1:1 with clients, but instead using the time to improve their clinical knowledge and skills. It is important to us that our staff maintains a positive work/life balance through consistent pay and consistent schedules.​

    • Full time benefits include:

      • Competitive salaries​ with guaranteed pay, regardless if you are scheduled with a client

      • Health insurance 

        • Harmony Behavioral Services will cover 70% for employees and 20% for dependents​

      • Dental, vision, life and disability insurance

      • 401K with up to a 4% match

      • Paid holidays

      • Paid time off

      • Closures for inclement weather

      • Up to $200 per year for training/professional development/certification expenses

      • Paid continuation training

Interested in joining our team? Apply Today!

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We are always looking for exceptional therapists!

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