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Apply for Services

Thank you for considering Harmony Behavioral Services as your ABA Therapy Provider. At Harmony our mission is to promote progress for every client; progress that is based in science and enhanced by the personal touch of our staff members. We strive to become Kentucky’s leading autism treatment agency by delivering our model of client-centered, individualized, therapeutic services. 


If you are looking for support, we are here to help. Please see below for details on how to get started. 

The Enrollment Process

Step 1: The enrollment process begins by filling out the Request for Services form linked below. This will provide us with your contact information, your primary concerns and reasons for services, and will allow us to check for insurance compatibility. After completing and returning the Request for Services form, our Operations Manager will contact you to discuss the availability of services and will guide you through the next steps in the enrollment process.

Step 2: After receiving your request for services, the Operations Manager will send you an extended Intake Form. This form will permit us to obtain an authorization from your insurance company, obtain medical records & will help us best understand the needs of your child.  Please take the time to fill out all of the forms carefully & completely & return them to the Operations Manager along with the required documents listed below:  

  • Diagnostic report listing Autism Spectrum Disorder as a diagnosis

  • Either a scan or picture of BOTH sides of ALL applicable insurance cards

Step 3: we will Notify you of placement in our waiting pool

Once all of your forms have been received & we have received the assessment authorization from your insurance
company, our Operations Manager will notify you that your child has been placed in our waiting pool.  The Operations Manager will contact you monthly with updates regarding the waiting pool.  Clients are chosen from the waiting pool based on a number of factors including necessity of services, duration of wait, and availability. Keeping us updated on your child’s availability (days of the week and time of day) is extremely important.

Step 4: we will contact you to schedule a caregiver interview & assessment

Once space becomes available for your child, our Operations Manager will contact you to schedule a Caregiver Interview & assessment of your child.  During the Caregiver Interview, you will meet with one of our Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) & determine if our facility is a good fit for your child.  The Caregiver Interview & the assessment will take place on the same day.  While it is best that all caregivers attend the Caregiver Interview, it is not required.

Step 5: Starting Services 

Services can begin as soon as a treatment authorization is received from your insurance provider.  Once the authorization is received, our Operations Manager will contact you to schedule the start of services for your child. 

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