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We currently have openings and no waitlist!

Thank you for considering Harmony Behavioral Services as your ABA Therapy Provider. At Harmony our mission is to promote progress for every client; progress that is based in science and enhanced by the personal touch of our staff members. We strive to become Kentucky’s leading autism treatment agency by delivering our model of client-centered, individualized, therapeutic services. 


If you are looking for support, we are here to help. Please see below for details on how to get started. 

The Enrollment Process

Step 1: The enrollment process begins by filling out the Request for Services form below and emailing it to This will provide us with your contact information, your primary concerns and reasons for services, and will allow us to check for insurance compatibility. After completing and returning the Request for Services form, our intake coordinator will contact you to discuss the availability of services and will guide you through the next steps in the enrollment process.

Step 2: After receiving your request for services, the Intake Coordinator will send you an extended Intake Form. This form is long and involved, but the more we know about you and your child, the better we are at assessing and addressing their needs. Please fill out this form to the best of your abilities and return it to along with the required documents listed below:  

  • Diagnostic report listing Autism Spectrum Disorder as a diagnosis

  • Either a scan or picture of BOTH sides of ALL applicable insurance cards

Step 3: we will then call to schedule an intake interview either in-person or via teleconference.  During the interview, we will explain a more about our program and speak with you further about the concerns you may have for your child. If services are appropriate, we will provide additional paperwork to be completed. These additional documents will allow us to request assessment authorization from your insurance provider.

Step 4: Following assessment authorization from your insurance company, we will call to schedule an assessment. The assessment will be conducted by one of our BCBAs and will allow us to create an individualized treatment plan tailored to your child's needs. Following the assessment, if services are still deemed appropriate and caregivers are in agreement with the proposed treatment plan, a request for treatment services will be made to your insurance provider. 

Step 5: Starting Services Services can begin as soon as a treatment authorization is received from your insurance provider. While it is our goal to provide services to all children who can benefit, limitations of space and staffing may cause you to be put on a waitlist. Clients are chosen from the waitlist based on a number of factors including necessity of services, duration of wait, and availability. Keeping us updated on your child’s availability (days of the week and time of day) is extremely important. When an opening does become available, our Intake Coordinator will contact you to confirm your desire to proceed with services in the available opening.

We currently have openings and no waitlist!

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